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What's New

Tunemakers - Ceramide 200

The stocks are back! Tunemakers have the largest range of beauty serums that will be able to target your unique skin concerns.



Japan Gals - Beauty Serums

Japan Gals beauty serums are formulated to enhance your skincare regime. They can be used together with masks or on its own.



New! Home Care Products

New Arrivals! Specially curated home care products that help sanitise your home and keeps your living environment clean.



Our Recommendations


Mainichi Serum

Hydrate your skin with Mainichi Series. Contains HYALURONIC ACID to deeply moisturise dry, dehydrated skin.



Beautiful skin can be achieved in many ways. Beauty supplements are traditional skincare regimes for the Japanese.



Rich in vitamins and nutrients for the skin. Hatomugi (Coix Seed) gives the skin a beautiful, youthful glow.



One of the largest range of serums to

target your unique skin type. Consists of

35 serums, specially for any skin type.

Ajuste GH 100_1.jpg

UV Care

Say goodbye to sticky white patches with Ajuste UV Spray. The ultimate lightweight sunscreen that gives full coverage.

Pore Care

Clean out dirty pores and blackheads

gently with Noble Pore Care products.

Easy to removal for flawless skin.


Makeup Wipes

Makeup removal has never been so easy! Koyo 3-in-1 makeup wipes removes tough makeup, cleanses and moisturises the skin.

Yuzu Lotion

A Beauty Toner. Lightens skin tones,

hydrates dry skin and brightens dull looks.

It's more than just a toner!

Fat Burner

Burn fats and improve your skin's beauty while you sleep. A beauty pill for overall image improvement.

Fibre Enzyme

Perfect for people who do not consume enough vegetables. Contains barley, kale, enzymes and vegetables in a drink.


April Boulevard offers an exclusive collection of beauty, skincare and health products. It includes exclusively hand picked brands and carefully curated products by our team.


Currently, the Japanese brands we carry are nothing but the best sellers. 'MADE IN JAPAN' says it all!


Our products are very affordable and of high quality. To ensure authenticity, we import our stocks directly from the brand makers and manufacturers from Japan. Our products are also directly distributed to major retailers in Singapore to ensure that quality is maintained.


We are constantly on the lookout for new products that are unique to the scene and will cater to everyone.


Do drop in from time to time to make sure you are in for the latest products!

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