Unsure of which serums to use?

With a vast range of beauty serums, we truly understand that finding the right serum combinations for your skin can be rocket science. Every skin condition is different and unique. We are here to help you understand your skin conditions and recommend the right serums for your skin type.

First of all, TUNEMAKERS WORKSHOP helps you understand the quality of the serums! Thereafter, we will explain the various product types, usage and how these serums will improve your skin condition.

By being able to customise your skincare regime, according to your skin type and lifestyle, you will be giving your current regime an upgrade. Tunemakers is here to complement and improve your daily skincare products.

At this workshop, you can let us know all your queries. We are happy to address them to help achieve beautiful, natural looking skin from deep within.


TUNEMAKERS Workshop Outline


If you are interested in Tunemakers products but clueless on where to start, what serums to buy, how to use, then this workshop will help you tremendously!

In this workshop, you get to test out any of our 31 serums to find the best product to treat your skin concerns. During this process, you get to understand the quality of undiluted serums and find out the quality ingredients that goes in to Tunemakers' products. 

Workshop Details:


By appointment only. Kindly email us at .


1 - 1.5 hours (depending on the size of the workshop).


Maximum 3 pax (group bookings) - currently suspended

Individual (1 pax) / Private session available.


221 Henderson Road, Henderson Building.

Materials (inclusive)

Testers available for you to try out any Tunemakers products. 

This is to assess skin sensitivity.


$50 per pax 

Others - currently suspended

Everything is provided in this workshop.

You can come with or without makeup on.

For events and bridal showers, kindly email us at

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