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TUNEMAKERS Workshop Outline


MAKE YOUR OWN LOTION at our workshop! Our original workshop programme is back! Not only will you have full access to all our serums, you can to make your own lotion from scratch. You will also be customising your lotion according to your skin type.


If you are interested in Tunemakers products but clueless on where to start, what serums to buy, how to use, then this workshop will help you tremendously!

In this workshop, you get see how Tunemakers Moisture Lotion is formulated from scratch and also test out any of our 31 serums to find the best product to treat your skin concerns. During this process, you get to understand the quality of undiluted serums and find out the quality ingredients that goes in to Tunemakers' products. 

Workshop Details:


By appointment only. Kindly email us at .


1 - 1.5 hours (depending on the size of the workshop).


Maximum 2 pax (group bookings)

Individual (1 pax) / Private session available.


221 Henderson Road, Henderson Building.

Materials (inclusive)

  • Access to ingredients to create Tunemakers Moisture Lotion.

  • Testers* available for you to try out any Tunemakers products. *This is to assess skin sensitivity.

  • Bring home 1 bottle of customised Moisture Lotion.


$50 per pax 

Other things to note:

Everything is provided in this workshop.

You can come with or without makeup on.


Here are some photos of our past workshop events (pre-covid).

Our customers get to share their skin concerns with us. And together, we help figure out a suitable customised skincare regime for every unique skin type. 

Create your customised lotion from scratch and mix-n-match serums to see what suits your skin best.

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