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Tunemakers Customised Skincare

Tunemakers is formulated and made in Japan. It helps target specific skin concerns and allows you to customise your skincare products.

We are so in love with Tunemakers! Tunemakers has 13 skincare ingredients in the form of undiluted serums. These serums are of high quality and at its purest form. It allows you to add very specific ingredients into your skincare regime, targeting your skin concerns.

If there is a skincare product that you love but you feel that it lacks a certain ingredient, Tunemakers serums gives you the freedom to 'upgrade' your beauty product. Simply add 2 - 3 drops of Tunemakers serum into your moisturiser, sunscreen or bb cream to improve the quality of the skincare product you are using.

Apart from adding the serums into your skincare products, you can also apply it directly onto your skin after putting on your toner. What's fun about Tunemakers serum is that you are able to mix a few ingredients together to customise to various skin concerns. For example, if your have dry skin, fine lines and dark spots, you can add a few drops of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and VC-20 (vitamin c). Drop 2-3 drops onto your palm, mix them together and apply directly onto your skin.

Alternatively, you can also apply the serums at targetted spots. Let's say, you generally have dry skin and you would also like to target the wrinkles or eye bags around your eyes. Then, you can use Hyaluronic Acid on your entire face for hydration and Retinol only for the eye area to focus on the eye bags.

There are just so many ways to use Tunemakers serums. There is no hard and fast rule about it. These 13 serums are specific beauty ingredients that can be commonly found in skincare and beauty products. The thing about using serums is to 'add on' more functions to your skincare products. It is to customise to your skin concerns, making it a personalised skincare, just for you!

We recommend that you use a dropper when using Tunemakers serums. This allows you to control the volume and number of droplets. It helps keep your personalised formulas consistent in terms of concentration. Having the dropper helps with your skincare recipe - the serums are the ingredients and the dropper is the weighing scale. It is all about adding more or reducing the number of drops to fine-tune the concentration of serums to your skin type. Once you find the perfect balance, the dropper helps you maintain that golden formula. This is simply lots of fun and excitement, knowing that you can soon have that perfect skincare.

There is definitely a Tunemakers serum that is suitable for a vast number of skin types. Just understand what you skin needs first, then, choose the serums to customise your very own skincare regime.

Have fun!

Love, April B.

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