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DAILY WHITENING: Lighten Skin Tones

DAILY WHITENING: Lighten Skin Tones

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Exposing the skin to harmful sunrays creates dark spots / pigmentation and causes skin tones to look uneven. This also dehydrates the skin and increase signs of aging skin.

Vitamin C helps nourish the skin and slows down the formation of pigmentation and freckles. Accompanied with nano-collagen technology, this skincare regime helps strengthen the skin to reduce sagging skin.

With ingredients such as Placenta Protein and Licorice Extract, the Whitening Mask helps replenish good nutrients that has anti-aging functions for brighter and healthier looking skin. It also helps repair damaged skin due to sunburn.

Recommended Skincare Regime:
Week 1: Rescue damaged skin! That's essential. Use Japan Gals (Whitening) mask daily for 1 week to replenish the skin's nutrients and hydrate it.

Week 2: Tackle dark spots and wrinkles. Use Japan Gals (VC+Nano-C) mask daily for 1 week. This mask will not only target dark spots and wrinkles, it will also keep your skin hydrated.

Week 3 onwards: Alternate the use of these 2 masks. By doing this, you continue to improve and even out skin tones while maintaining your skin's moisture level and preventing the formation of pigmentation and wrinkles.

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