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DRY SKIN + ANTI-AGING: Basic Skin Needs

DRY SKIN + ANTI-AGING: Basic Skin Needs

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Hydrated skin is essential for radiant and supple skin. We tend to lose moisture from our skin when we go outdoors. Hydrate your skin like how you hydrate your body on a hot, sunny day. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating ingredient that will intensely increase the water content in your skin.

Wrinkles and pigmentation comes with age. This aging effect will be more visible if your skin is dehydrated skin and exposed to the sun. Vitamin C helps lighten and prevent the formation of dark spots on your skin, while Nano-Collagen deeply penetrates in to the skin to plump up the wrinkles.

Recommended Skincare Regime:
Week 1: Hydrate dehydrated skin first! That's essential. Use Japan Gals (Hyaluronic Acid) mask daily for 1 week to balance out the moisture content within your skin.

Week 2: Tackle dark spots and wrinkles. Use Japan Gals (VC+Nano-C) mask daily for 1 week. This mask will not only target dark spots and wrinkles, it will also keep your skin hydrated.

Week 3 onwards: Alternate the use of these 2 masks. By doing this, you are maintaining your skin's moisture level and preventing the formation of pigmentation and wrinkles.

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