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Refre - Slim Pants (LL) Adult Diapers

Refre - Slim Pants (LL) Adult Diapers

S$40.00 Regular Price
S$38.00Sale Price

FOR DAY USE – Slim Type

Size LL

18 pieces / pack


  • #1 brand in Japan medical institutions / hospitals.
  • Top 3 in Japan household brand.

✦ Slim and light – comfortable for light movements during the day.
✦ Ultra-breathable diapers that is gentle on the skin.
✦ Deodorising feature to remove odour.
✦ Extra soft materials help with easier movements and is gentle on delicate skin.
✦ Highly absorbent with good holding capacity - diaper remains dry for extra comfort.

* To save cost and the environment, we recommend the use of REFRE INSERT PADS inside the diaper pants. Instead of changing the entire diaper, change only the pads.


* High quality, yet affordable diapers that uses good materials and do not irritate delicate skin.


* Unlike many brands in Singapore, Refre is one of the few Japanese diaper brands sold in Singapore that is still Made in Japan.


* The factory and QC production are based in Japan.


* Feel the difference with Refre.




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