TRIAL GIFT SET - For First Time User / Gift Ideas

TRIAL GIFT SET - For First Time User / Gift Ideas

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TUNEMAKERS Trial / Gift Set

7-Day Trial Kit - Full skincare regime!

Cleanse . Replenish . Intensive Care . Moisturise


Perfect for first time Tunemakers users / for gifting - this set is suitable for all skin types.


The trial set consists of 5 items:


  • Moisture Cleansing Wash Packet 4ml x 2
  • Moisture Gel Face Wash Packet 4g x 2
  • Ceramide 200 - 5ml (Our BEST SELLER!)
  • Moisture (Water) Lotion 20ml
  • Moisture Cream Moisturiser 8g

Step 1: MAKEUP REMOVER - Moisture Cleansing Wash
✦ Gently spread and massage over skin. For stubborn makeup, please massage the cleanser over the area a few more times. Rinse with water.

Step 2: 2ND CLEANSE - Gel Face Wash
✦ Gently spread and massage gel over skin. Rinse with water.

Step 3: SKIN BOOSTER - Ceramide 200
✦ Apply 4-6 drops over entire face to hydrate and prep skin for optimal absorption of following products.

Step 4: TONER - Moisture (Water) Lotion
✦ Pour toner onto palms or on a cotton pad and pat onto skin.

Step 5: MOISTURISE - Moisture Cream Moisturiser
✦ Apply a thin over skin. Follow with makeup after if desired.


Made in Japan.