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Tunemakers - Trial / Gift Set

Tunemakers - Trial / Gift Set

S$39.90 Regular Price
S$25.00Sale Price
  • 7-day trial kit to experience Tunemakers products.
  • Suitable for first time users of Tunemakers!
  • The products in the trial kit is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Great for gifts or travelling.


What is in the Trial Kit:
1. Moisture Gel Face Wash Sachet (4g) x 2
2. Moisture Cleansing Gel Sachet (4ml) x 2
3. Moisture (Water) Lotion (20ml) x 1
4. Ceramide 200 (5ml) x 1
5. Moisture Cream Moisturiser (8g) x 1


Product Information:

Moisture Gel Face Wash (Cleanser) - Day Use

  • Contains 5 carefully selected beauty ingredients – Ceramide, Amino Acid, AHA, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.
  •  Penetrates deep into the skin to remove impurities from inside the pores, while moisturising it.
  •  Gentle formulation, yet effectively cleanses the skin without taking its moisture away.


Moisture Cleansing Gel (Makeup Remover & Cleanser) - Night Use

  • 2-in 1: Makeup Remover + Cleanser -  contains 5 carefully selected beauty ingredients – Squalane Oil, Ceramide, AHA, Jojoba Oil and Amino Acid.
  • Deeply cleanses the skin and removed dirt and sebum.


Moisture Water Lotion (Toner)

  • A unique blend of 5 types of undiluted beauty ingredients – Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid, Honey, Collagen and Royal Jelly.
  •  These beauty ingredients keep skin well hydrated, reduces signs of aging and has antioxidants to nourish the skin.
  •  It also contains Licorice extract to reduce blemishes, breakouts and oily skin.


Ceramide 200 (Serum)

  • For dry skin, sensitive skin and inner dry skin.
  • #1 Winner of Japan @Cosme Beauty Award.
  • Highly concentrated Ceramide serum - 200% more than Tunemakers Ceramide.
  • Instant skin booster for immediate skin rescue.


Moisture Cream (Moisturiser)

  • Formulated from 5 types of undiluted ingredients – Ceramide, Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane Oil and Collagen.
  •  A perfect blend of beauty ingredients that help repair, lock in and seal the skin moisture content and creates a barrier of protection.


Made in Japan.

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