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Setting Ourselves Apart From The Rest

April Boulevard is all about being different. The brands that we recommend to our customers are unheard of in Singapore, yet these brands are used by the Japanese on a daily basis. Importing brands in like Japan Gals and SPC created curiosity among our customers - what's this new product all about?

The Pop-up Store was launched in August 2013. Many came over to the store to check out the new skincare brands. The most common question asked was, 'What's so good about these products?'.

100% Imported and made in Japan

We do not hand carry our products back from Japan. Authenticity is of priority to us. Who knows where the stores get their stocks from? Our products are purchased directly from the manufacturers. We also ensure that products are manufactured in Japan.

Japanese cotton for facial masks

Quality is something we look for in all our products. Our facial masks are made from 100% Japan cotton. The material is certified and declared on the pacakging. The mask sheets are thick in order to absorb a great amount of beauty essence when applied onto the skin. It sticks very well onto the skin because it is natural cotton.

Daily masks

Many mentioned that they do not have time to put on masks daily. Here's our question to you. Do you put on moisturizer daily? If yes, daily masks is the same skincare regime. These masks can replace your night creams or compliment them. Putting it on is effortless, and all it takes is 10-15 minutes of application. It's fuss free - that's the reason why daily masks are part of the Japanese's skincare regime.

Serum content

When our customers hold a box of mask, they could immediately tell that it's heavy. This is because the beauty serum content is ample and will not dry up the mask sheets. Every sheet mask is consistently infused with serum in every application.

Price + Quality

With products being made in Japan and using Japanese ingredients and materials, quality is something you can be assured of. No other similar product on the local shelves comes close in terms of pricing given the premium quality offered.

These products have been getting great feedback and reviews from our customers. We often hear them at our Pop-up Store every Sunday. They are the reason why April Boulevard is still here today.

We do not only operate behind our computers, managing our online store. We love to meet our customers. We want to hear reviews from the magazines and bloggers. We simply want to do more than just being an online store.

Adding a personal touch to what we do is in our blood! - April Boulevard

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