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AJUSTE UV SPRAY : Keep the Sun and Mosquitoes Away

Ajuste UV Spray - Non Fragrance , Clean Savon , Garden Herb

BE FREE FROM SUN DAMAGE! Ajuste UV Spray is ultra easy to apply. Simply spray it on your face and body, and you are protected from harmful sun rays. It is perfect to use over your makeup as it does not leave a sticky feeling and gives a beautiful matte finish.

This super-quick drying, waterproof and sweat proof sunscreen is perfect for sports and outdoor activities. It offers SPF 50+ / PA+++ protection from UV rays and Near-Infrared rays (NIR).

NIR rays are more harmful compared to UV rays. It damages deeper layers of the skin and will increase the skin's aging effects rapidly. Ajuste UV Spray protects your skin from NIR rays, of which many sunscreen products don't!

The Garden Herb version is the most unique thing about this sun screen!!! Not only will you have extra sun protection, you also keep mosquitos away. It is formulated with botanical extracts such as lavender and lemongrass to ensure mosquitos stay away while you are on your daily runs or having park activities. It's the perfect 2-in-1 formula!

Here's a summary of the 3 variants:

Garden Herb (Green colour)

1. Won CLEO Body Awards 2017 for Best Sunscreen for Daily Use

2. Anti Mosquito formula + Sun screen

3. For outdoor sports, hiking, trail runs and park activities

4. Lovely light scent of lemongrass

5. (Other functions are stated in the write-up above)

Non-Fragrance (Silver colour)

1. Perfect for daily use

2. For office environment and errands, where you would still want to use your own perfume and get sun protection :)

3. Suitable to use over makeup

4. (Other functions are stated in the write-up above)

Clean Savon / Fragrance (Blue colour)

1. Mildly scented (smells like soap)

2. Light and refreshing

3. Keeps you smelling fresh in humid weathers

4. (Other functions are stated in the write-up above)

How we are using it:

Workdays / Weekdays : Use Non-fragrance or Clean Savon for good sun coverage

Weekends : Use Garden Herb for your runs or weekend activities


1. Make sure face and body is dry and clean. You can use is as the last step after makeup.

2. Shake the bottle well.

3. Spray 3-4 cm away from skin. Do not spray too near, so that you will get an even coverage. Remember to close your eyes!

4. Do not need to use your fingers to even out the mist. The fine mist will cover your skin evenly and is ULTRA quick drying.

5. You are good to go!

Enjoy and stay protected from the sun:)


April B.

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