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The first pop-up store was launched in August 2013. We were so excited about it and didn't know what to expect. It was our very first time meeting our customers. Each month, we had returning customers and that meant a lot to us. In December, we had our very first Christmas Bazaar - Give The Gift of Good Skin! April Boulevard had 2 stores at 2 levels within the same building. It was awesome!

We took a 2-month break from the pop-up store over the new year. Within these 2 months, we strategized on April Boulevard's plan for 2014 - we will keep you posted on what is to come very soon!

Re-launching the Pop-up Store for 2014 never felt better. We are glad we get to meet our existing customers and as well as new ones. They are the reason why we always strive to improve and do better!

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