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It's Not Just A Mask

Living in a demanding society, time is always precious. Everything has to be instant and quick. Same goes for skincare products. When selecting a skincare product, what do you usually look out for? Most of the time, it will be a product that will show instant results.

It's great when a product gives you the results you are looking for. But aren't these short term remedies for our aging skin? A good skincare regime is not about immediate outcomes. It is about slowing down the aging effect and long term maintenance.

Facial masks are often perceived as quick fixes for dehydrated skin. Most weekly masks have stronger concentrates in order to give you immediate results. The way the Japanese use facial mask is slightly different! It is a daily skincare regime. Most of them use masks twice a day. Facial masks packed in 30 sheets for a month's supply is a norm in Japan.

The essence in daily masks are less concentrated, yet highly effective to achieve radiant skin. They give you extra mileage for the long run. Induced with high technology ingredients, these daily masks work just as well as moisturizers. If it takes you 2 minutes to apply your moisturizer, putting on a sheet mask takes less than a minute. There's no need to rinse off after application. It's all about changing the perception of a facial mask.

With quality cotton used for these masks and amazing ingredients to prolong the radiance of your skin, then daily masks simply does more than just a mask!

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