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NEW & IMPROVED : Pure 5 Essence Masks (15sheets x 2 packs)

Japan Gals have created and designed a new packing for the Pure 5 Essence Series with 2 new additional variant to the range - Pure 5 Whitening Mask and Pure 5 Oasis (Relaxing) Mask.

These masks are packed in 2 packs within a box. Each pack comes with 15 sheet masks filled with beauty essence. This helps keep the masks a lot fresher for those who do not intend to use these daily masks everyday. Many would also like to share these masks with their friends or family members and mix and match the variants among themselves. This packaging works well for first-timers who wants to try out the masks in smaller quantity too!

These new products are very well received islandwide. Our best seller for this series is the Pure 5 Whitening Mask. This is suitable for those who loves the sun or are always exposed to harmful sun rays. It helps hydrate the skin while slowing down the formation of pigmentation / dark spots and freckles due to sun exposure.

Our other best seller is the new Pure 5 Oasis Mask. This is a relaxing mask infused with Roman Chamomile extract to calm you down while to complete your skin treatment. It's perfect for hydrating the skin while keeping you relaxed after a long day.

Try out any of these masks and achieve a healthy, glowing skin!


April B.

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