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4 April 2014 - We are proud to announce that our products are on the shelves of all 5 BHG - aLT Concept Stores islandwide.

April B. is glad to be able to achieve another milestone. aLT is a concept store located in BHG. They are focused on bringing in unique products into the local market. Their have a huge variety of imported goods ranging from beauty to lifestyle products.

aLT Beauty carries a large range of beauty and skincare products. They are always on a lookout for interesting and new products. Their philosophy is very much similar to April B, that is to introduce fresh and unique products to the local scene.

April B. has been very hands on in the preperation of the launch. We worked very closely with the people behind aLT Beauty. We made sure our products look good so that the stores will look good as well. We were confident about our products as our manufacturers created well-designed packages containing quality products inside.

We are very blessed to have great people and business partners throughout April B's journey. It has been very fruitful and the dynamics of the team is awesome!


April B.

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