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WINNER for Most Hydrating Mask

Branding Japan Gals from scratch has been challenging given the fact that there are so many strong competitors in the skincare industry. It's been almost year since we introduced Japan Gals in Singapore and now, we are proud to announce that our best seller, VC+Nano-C mask has gained recognition and won Most Hydrating Mask in Cleo's Beauty Hall of Fame 2014.

This is a significant milestone for April B. and the journey has been wonderful. Our customers at our Sunday pop-up bazaar and BHG aLT stores gave us great feedbacks on our products and VC+Nano-C has always been the favorite product for many. April B. calls it the All-In-One Mask - the mask that hydrates, whiten and firms the skin. It is very popular among the men as it is a fuss-free skincare regime with all the needed functions in one product.

2 months ago, CLEO invited us to send in our products to be tested by a panel of judges for the Beauty Hall of Fame Awards. We sent in VC+Nano-C under the Most Hydrating Mask category. We had to compete with strong brands under this category but we are honoured that we are given this title.

April B. is blessed with amazing people who supported us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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